The shadow inside

Lucy has been isolated all her life. Instead of love and care, she had to go on missions for her uncle. She has superpowers that are as deadly as they sound like. For her last mission she's got to find and kill a boy who has similar powers. But what if she falls in love with him?


4. Discovery




I woke up on the street. The ground was cold and sticky, with tiny rocks that pressed against my back. The night sky was filled with stars, they almost looked like tiny eyes glaring back at me. I wondered, how long had I been laying here. Why were I here? A small knot formed in my stomach, something was wrong. I wasn't really the type to fall asleep in the middle of the street. Then I remembered. I sat up, my hand flew up towards the right side of my chest.

My shirt was soaked in blood, but no knife. That guy ran with it, of course. But, shouldn't I be dead? Was this the afterlife? 

I found the small slit in the shirt, and with shaking hands, tried to find the wound. I had prepared myself for pain,something just as terrifying as before, but I felt absolutely nothing. Not even the slightest discomfort. What freaked me out even more, I couldn't find the wound. It was gone, not even a scar showing in the pale moonlight. As if it had never been there. But it had. It was real, I just knew it. Maybe, it was an afterlife thing. But still, my heart was beating, I didn't feel different. Shouldn't it feel different if I were to be dead? I got up a little too fast, making me dizzy, so I almost fell back to my knees. "Okay, i'm not dead. But how am I alive?" Shaking my head I checked the pockets. Everything was there. So far so good. But how could I explain all of this to Helen? What time was it? She could be worried sick. And if I came home like this... I would be a dead man walking... Again.


With no other place to go I walked straight ahead. As I passed each little crooked house, I got more and more anxious. Nothing really made any sense, it all clashed in my head, making the world around me feel so surreal. It was deadly quiet, the only thing breaking the silence being my footsteps, which increased for each step. The air was cold, pircing through me. Should I tell her about the incident? Maybe she knew about it, that I possibly could... Heal? No way, I only had one power. And one was more than enough. Still I didn't want her to know. She would most likely scold me for not being careful enough, for not have thought things through. I couldn't blame myself for not wanting to get yelled at, could I? The building were closer than I thought. I just had to cross the street. A few autumn leaves flew around as I crossed the ghostly road. There were no lights on the floor where we lived. "Please don't be home." I thought out loud. I looked at the front gate,  hesitating. 

I found the rusty key in the bottom of my pocket. Normally my hand would be uncontrollably shaking by now, but after quite the experience out on the street, my hand couldn't be more still. Weird. I turned the key and heard the recognizable click. The old wooden door creaked when i opened it. The hallway was bathing in darkness, giving hope to an empty apartment or a sleeping one. Trying to make as little noise as possible, I snuck in. I looked around. The rest of the apartment was also covered in a deep shade of dark, that kind of darkness that would make anyone run, if turning the lights off. I caught myself holding my breath, having to remind myself that I was alone, or so I hoped. The floor was cold under my feet, creaking a bit for my every move. There were boxes here and there, still a tad messy after our resent move-in. With sweaty palms I reached out for the lightswitch and pressed it in. The light flickered for two seconds, to brightly shine in the room. So much, I had to close my eyes from the sudden brightness. A little clock were hanging on the kitchen wall. It had only been about an hour since I had left. I took a deep breath. At least I didn't pass out for too long in the street. But still, it didn't make sense. I had to find out soon, but one thing at a time. First I had to find some new clothes and find a way to get rid of the bloody ones without any suspicion. I honestly just hoped that no-one had been on the street when I walked home. That would be pretty alarming. I could just imagine all the headlines that would've been there the next morning. "Teenage boy resurrected", or even better "Zombies are kind of real"

Even though I was at least 99% sure that I was alone, I still tip toed into my room. The bare walls and the full boxes showed just how long we had been living here: About two weeks. I pulled the blood-soaking shirt over my head, leaving a trail of red on my chest. Carefully I placed it on the floor, trying to get as little blood on the cold floor. Luckily it was only the shirt that was damaged. My worn-out jeans had a few spots here and there, but I could easily say that I had a nosebleed, and leave it at that. When I were younger I would get nosebleeds quite often. I stared at the soaking shirt for what seemed like hours. I had to get rid of it. But how?

I could just throw it in the trash. But if I forgot to take the trash out, or worse, if someone else found it and got curious, I would be as good as dead. Again?

Maybe if I washed it first, it wouldn't be a problem. I knew nothing when it came to stuff like that, but it was worth a shot. The kitchen was awfully quiet, it felt strange since one of the only things Helen ever did was empty all the boxes of diverse kitchen gear, decor and other. The cold water hit my fingers, making them stiff. Wait... Was this even right? I vaguely remembered her telling me something about warm water. Should it be warm? I twisted the shirt, trying to get as much water out as possible, whilst turning on the hot water. The water became red, reminding me of the pain that had been there. The shirt became a little pink, the color was spreading fast, but as long as you couldn't see actual blood I didn't really care. After a couple washes, drenches and repeating, I finally threw what once had been a fully white shirt into the bin. One down, one to go. I walked over to the cold bathroom, hearing the small thumps for every step. I turned the shower on and got right in. Normally I would have waited for it to turn warm, but at this point i thought it would be nice to feel something. The shivering drops fell like rain, washing the events away with it. I hadn't noticed until now, just how tired I actually were. After a few minutes I sleepily decided that it was time for me to get some rest, no matter what time it was. I took a quick look in the mirror and were a little startled. The place where the scar should have been, was clean, too clean for that gruesome scene from just a few hours ago. i shook my head, thinking that it was a case for the following day. And with that I walked into my room and fell asleep. Or at least tried. The thought of closing my eyes for so long, reminding me of that, laying left for dead on the ground. But at last, the dark night calmed me and brought me to sleep.



*A/N* I hope you have liked the story so far :) It's the very first time I have published one of my stories (It's also the very first one in english, hence the possible mistakes there might have been so far.)

I know my chapters are most of the time very short, and I want to change that.(I tried to make this one a bit longer ;) )   I also have to check the timeline, so everything makes sense. At the same time, that would mean that everybody who has reached this far in the story, might have to read it all over again, and it's gonna take more than 1 week for every new chapter to come out, and I hate being the slow author :/ (Even though I haven't been active for a long time, finals and all :( )

I want to ask you guys if you could give some feedback, telling me if you're okay with me unpublishing the chapters, one by one beginning with the first chapter. I really hate to do stuff like that, but I want to improve the content in this story, and make sure everyone can enjoy. 

Sorry for that long speech XD Anyways, I hope you could leave some feedback or a comment, that would really be a big help :)

Hope that you will keep on reading, ¨Angel¨

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