The shadow inside

Lucy has been isolated all her life. Instead of love and care, she had to go on missions for her uncle. She has superpowers that are as deadly as they sound like. For her last mission she's got to find and kill a boy who has similar powers. But what if she falls in love with him?


2. A cold night



"This is the last one, right?" I looked into her eyes, tried to find the tiniest trace of lies. "Yes. I saved the best for last." She handed me the file, still keeping eye contact. The file was thicker than normal. I opened it, revealing the first page with name, age and a picture. "Lucy Fernstein, age 17," I looked at the photo. A light skinned girl with dark hair, and what appeared to be green eyes, stared right back at me. "Cute. What a shame." Helen giggled "Remember she's the target okay, nothing else." I rolled my eyes. How typical of her to say that. "Don't worry, I still remember your little advice. You can look at the menu, but you can't order." She giggled a bit louder than before. "Good. I need to go, take care of business," She stood up from the sofa and looked back at me. "Oh! Before I forget, you'll be starting school tomorrow, so don't stay up too late." I almost dropped the file. "What? But, I don't even know which school it is, let alone where it is." She sighed. I could tell by the look on her face that she didn't have time for an argument. "It's Woodcreek High, you can search for the address. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go." She marched through the livingroom, leaving me behind. Great, just great. I got my phone out and started searching for this "Woodcreek High" thing. It was not too far away, 15 minutes on foot. An article from '' popped up. I might as well find some info on this place, i thought to myself.

"Wood creek High was finished in mid 18 hundreds, making it one of the oldest buildings in town. In the late 80's, half of the school burned down, causing the tragic death of the 16 year old Sarah..." 

I didn't get any further before my screen turned pitch black. Why did I always forget to charge my things? After i found a charger, I sat on the couch, bored out of my mind. I looked straight ahead, and in the corner of my eye, there it was, the file. Lucy. Just another girl, just another target. Just another pale small-town girl, waiting for things to happen. I carelessly flipped through the pages, not really reading into anything. Even though it wasn't my first mission, something didn't feel right about this. All the other targets had always been devils in poor disguises. Ex-prisoners, drug dealers, kidnappers. These were always at least around late thirties, spanning all the way to sixty. They were pretty obvious about being evil. But this girl, she didn't seem harmful at all. She was the same age as me, a normal schoolgirl. What could she have done, since she became my target? I flipped back to the first page, might as well get info on her. No official committed crimes, homeschooled. Born 16th November precisely at midnight. That was my birthday. I felt a mild sting on my left side. The mark almost looked like it was pulsating. It had been like this for a couple of weeks now. It first started, when we moved here. The first time it did that, i was terrified. What could it possibly mean? Helen told me, that it changed a bit, since i was almost 18. What I had found so far about my kind was following: You are born with the mark, it will be visible until adulthood. When you enter adulthood, you can make it appear as you please. Helen had always told me, that I was the only one in the entire world with these kind of powers. 

I glansed over at her picture. She had brown wavy hair and hazel eyes. To be honest, she didn't really look like my type anyways. Hell, if I even knew my type. I had been homeschooled the most of my life. She had teachers stopping by, but mostly just bought learning books online. Even though i always imagined myself as a social butterfly, the thought of High school terrified me. What if i didn't fit in? Most people my age didn't walk around killing people for their adoptive mother. They had normal lives, friends... Love interest. Sure I had found some cute girls while on missions, but I knew what to prioritize first; Missions first, fun later. 

A sudden urge striked me, making me write a note, leaving it on the kitchen table. "I went to town for dinner. I'll be home soon." I tied my shoes and almost flew out of the door. Now the next decision hit me. 

Elevator or stairs? (That is the question)

I ran down the stairs as fast as i could. I wanted to leave the building, go, see the town i should start to call home. The cold autumn wind hit me in the face, reminding me, that i should have brought a jacket. Though it didn't bother me much. the streets were more or less empty. I decided to walk towards a little building with lights glowing out of the windows, like eyes starring right at you. "Woodchuck Diner" A big sign said. At the sight of the word Diner, my stomach started to growl. I went in, hoping that no one would notice a random guy stepping in. It looked like a Diner from the sixties. The small booths, the jukebox in the corner. 


I could see the stars when I decided to go home. It was about 8 pm when I left the diner. The empty streets were bathing in lamplight. Though half of the light didn't work. I had decided to take another way home, since I might as well could get to know the town. The buildings looked old and rotten. Old newspapers flew around in the street. Shadows were lurking in the alleyways, I guess it was safe to call it the criminal side of town. I could see the building i lived in, not too far away. I could hear what sounded like a couple of guys arguing. 'I must be imagining things', i thought and walked on. Out of the next alleyway a man ran out into the street. I wouldn't have cared that much if it wasn't because he bumped right into me. I fell to the ground, smashing my head on the concrete. Though that was not the worst. My right side was soaking wet and sticky. The man had been prepared for whatever meeting he had just been to. A knife stuck out from my chest. The man looked at me in fear. He reached for the knife... And ran away. Even though the pain was excruciating, I was in shock, I couldn't scream. Dark spots started to form in the corners of my eyes. The energy was slowly sucked out of me. I started to become numb, embracing the darkness and cold surrounding me. 

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