My life isn't perfect but it isn't bad either

My story is based off of my life . So this is basically my story , enjoy


2. Living in my shoes

Why couldn't life be all sunshine and rainbows then it would be 110% easier . You see my day was eventful / over eventful . This is the quick version of my day . As boring as it is there is a point 

1. Awoken by being picked up by two overly protective older brothers (who are in college ) and throw into the pool which may I say was freezing due to it being winter 

2. Then I was late to school due to the car breaking down mid drive , and then having to walk or in fact run to school 

3. Reaching the school soaked from head to toe thanks to the weather .

4 .entering the class room just as the bell goes , then the teacher telling me I'm late and have detention. ( just to point out I wasn't late the teacher just hates me ) 

5  at break I was the target of the "Queen bee " aka Brittany so when she pushed me down I slapped her and ended myself in double detention .

6 . At lunch Brittany yelled in my face calling me a slut and my favourite a whore , so I called her a cheap hooker . Which she then slapped me for so I launched myself at her and repeatedly punched her until I was ripped away from her ,

7 I was suspended for 1 week and then when accounted the news to my brothers I was praised and then grounded for 5 hours for my irresponsible actions , 

8 I was cooking dinner and processed to burn my hand on the stove

9 . I was taken to hospital and had my hand bandaged and hit on by another patient 

10 . When home I when to bed and the. The next morning finished writing the stupid diary entry 

which leads to this pointless entry coming to an end


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