My life isn't perfect but it isn't bad either

My story is based off of my life . So this is basically my story , enjoy


1. Life Itself

Life itself isn't easy so what makes you think living live would be easy . True be told it isn't . My life is what you call dramatic and messed up in a weird sort of way but in a way it's what  makes life so much more exciting and worth living . Add a bunch of amazing friends and a crazy ass family and you then have some kind of idea as to what my life is , but wait there's more then you have the stereotypical "queen bee" with her minions that look like hookers and trust me not the expensive kind either . Your probably thinking does this actually happen well in fact it does it's real life unfortunately. Plus you mix boys into the question and the answer is a blood bath filled with overly horny teen girls  followed closely by the horny teen boys . Where do I fit in to this ? You ask , I answer well , picture in your mind a tall quiet girl who I scared to speak her mind and worry about the consequences then remove the idea from your head due to the fact the picture in your mind is lying to you and feeding you with bullshit . Pardon my English . Really I'm an extremely loud confident girl who laughs at people in pain , speaks her mind too much and gets in trouble . ALOT .  I am also the person who has a seriously bad anger issue and in result made to write ( or in this case text ) in a diary about my life . Seems amazing , well no , no it isn't . 

Anyway I am _DemonQueenDevil_ any question or comments message me and I will reply , * promise ! GOODBYE UNTIL NEXT TIME BOB ( BoB is what I named "it")

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