A Fall From Grace | PAUSED

[PAUSED UNTIL I'VE FINISHED SK] Earth is a foreign and exotic world to angels. In a world of mortals lies dark and dangerous creatures, some worse than others. A place full of monsters is the worst place for an angel to be ambushed.

On a rare trip, Ariel becomes trapped. She and her friends will be tested, and unlikely allegiances will be formed. Stuck amongst monsters and mortals, Ariel will have to face her worst fears, and face herself. Without a single memory of her former life, can she survive in a foreign world?


A re-write of Fallen From Grace (which can be found on Wattpad).

Updated every two weeks - give or take! :-)


1. prologue



where's my angel? i need someone here tonight.

Metro Station


"Give yourself up, or prepare yourself for the next onslaught." She heard the cold voice from behind her, but refused to give in. She hadn't been taught to surrender to the enemy; she'd been taught to fight until her body was cold and her heart wasn't pumping. Her wings were still shielding her and her sisters. How had one night of freedom turned into a nightmare?

Her wings sizzled, and the smell of burning was thick in the air. If she looked at her precious wings, she knew there would be scorch marks, and smoke would probably be floating above her. Tears pricked at her eyes, but she knew she wouldn't let them fall. She had to be strong. Weakness would not be tolerated... and this way, maybe she would gain redemption from the Almighty Father.

It felt like hours before they stopped with their balls of energy. Pain was plummeting through her body, and she wondered if they'd all make it out of there alive. Hope was slowly fading from her mind. Within seconds of the monsters stopping their fireballs, she felt herself being flung across the room, her wings being the things they pulled first.

A yelp left her lips, as she felt a sharp rip in her back. Blood started to pool around her quickly, and panic rose. Before she let it overtake her she threw her leg round, aiming at the red-eyed monster standing in front of her. While he was distracted, she screamed "Run!" at her scared sisters.

The locked entrance slammed open, and three figures stood in the doorway, all with blackened wings. One looked familiar, too familiar and the girl let out a gasp of shock. He was a... demon. How could she not have realised? His aura should have been enough! As he ran over to her, worry all over his features, her mind was screaming at her to back away, to attack. But she couldn't do it. She was frozen, because of fear and pain.

He lifted her up, gently, and her eyes darted around. The other ones had gone... and so had her sisters. Please say they got to Rosangela. She'll know what to do. She always has.

The demon holding her was trying to say something to her, his mouth moving but nothing was coming out. Blood roared in her ears, and she couldn't figure out what was happening. Opening her mouth, she was about to say something, demand to know why he was here, but that was before the world stopped, and a new level of pain took over. Her back felt like it was being split into two.

And she fell into darkness, staring into bottomless black eyes.

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