school letters, irwin


9. 08

thursday. 9:50 am. september 10.

dear audrey,

aw, well that's good to know. :) but i am a nerd though. SHUT UP IT IS CUTE well sometimes. yes, it is appropriate to type lol. lol. yeah its so weird to be writing it on paper instead of seeing it on our phones.

oh my fucking goD I LOVE YOUR MUSIC TASTE. more than a 100 bands? DAMN. i guess our music tastes are the best in the world then. 

hella hard all the way. (yes this is now our thing.)

does my chemistry textbook count? just kidding, my favorite book is the fault in our stars dONT BLAME ME I HAVE A THING FOR THESE KINDS OF STORIES I DONT CARE IF ITS A GIRL STORY SHUT UP. 

whats your favorite book? 

ash x

ps. i'm your idiot though.

pss. okay. :) do you really love me? i understand if not.

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