school letters, irwin


8. 07

monday, september 7, 3:06 am.

dear ash,

well you don't seem like a geek. shUT UP, SNORTING IS NOT CUTE. and i don't think thats weird lol. wait is it even appropriate to write lol? its so foreign to write it instead of typing it. 

WELL MY FAVORITE BANDS ARE NIRVANA, GREEN DAY, THE WEEKND, SUM 41, ONE DIRECTIONoh wait i'll just basically sum it up. and i basically cannot write all my favorite bands because its more than a 100, seriously. i counted them and i was very surprised too, trust me. i also love rock bands and pop punk bands are too. and my favorite artists are halsey and lana del rey, they're my queen. :))

my music taste is hella rad. yours is too. and question number three !! whats your favorite book? 

wait i just thought of something, 'hella hard' all the way? (that should be our thing idk its up to you though.)

haha, maybe. just not yet. then you did a very good job on being cheesy.

audrey x

ps. maybe i love you. maybe as a friend, maybe as a stranger. you're an idiot you know that?

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