school letters, irwin


7. 06

friday. september 4. 12:52 pm.

dear audrey,

I'M COOL AS FUCK TOO! i'm more awkward on the internet, like seriously, i'm a fricking geek. yay we're friends. and yeah thats true, people don't know when to start calling people friends because at this point , the internet consumes most of our thoughts.

YOU SNORTED? OH MY GOD THATS CUTE. I'D WANT TO HEAR THAT SERIOUSLY. wait that sounded weird, i'm not weird, i promise. x

i like nirvana, green day, coldplay, nickel back, basically rock and punk. i wonder what your favorite bands are? i won't judge either. i bet you have a cool music taste. 

not yet. we're not dating yet. my goal was to be cheesy, audrey.

ashton x

ps. you will soon... :) hahah but you love me.

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