school letters, irwin


6. 05

wednesday, 10:24 am, september 2, 2015.

dear ash,

WOOO !! YEAH I'M COOL AS FUCK. shit sorry, i'm much cooler on the internet i sWEAR. and yeah we're friends now, well like thats the thing nowadays. most teens don't know when people reached the part of being friends because we're too caught up in the internet.

i just snorted because my writing is not cute. well it can be if i wanted it to be but nah. okay so question number two !! whats your favorite bands? and if you do't like bands, then favorite artists? i won't judge.

romeo and juliet aye? maybe. but we're not dating. so it's not romeo and juliet. well maybe. and yes, very cheesy.

audrey x

ps. well you started it. i'm not telling you my feelings, irwin. oh and the wink? you little shit. i just started talking to you man. i'm not that easy.

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