school letters, irwin


5. 04

monday. august 31, 2015. 7:32 am.

dear audrey,

you know you seem pretty cool. i'm not just saying that so you won't feel bad or anything. we're friends now. wait we're friends now right? at least thats one accomplishment in our project. 

oh we have one thing in common! red is a cool color, and i did search up radical red. i guess i can understand why its your favorite color.

i meant its kinda cute reading you're awkward writing. iN A GOOD WAY. sorry i should have made that clear. our letters may be lame but they're cool at the same time. :))

you know right this reminds me of? romeo and juliet. two star crossed lovers writing letters to each other when they can't see the other person in real life for a long time. cheesy, but it does remind me.

ashton x

ps. oh so we're doing x's now huh? i could guess that you love me then. ;)

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