school letters, irwin


2. 01

monday. august 24, 2015. 9:36 am

dear ashton irwin,

okay so you obviously know, our schools are starting a project of writing letters since we're the so called brain-washed generation and we depend on social media and the internet. and i got you, so i hope you don't mind writing to a girl, trust me, i'd want to talk to someone with the same gender as much as you would.

and it sucks that i have to start the letter because my writing sucks. and i'm really awkward, so i apologize in advance. i'm not the socializing type. and i don't really know you, so i don't know what to write. maybe we could get to know each other first? if thats fine with you though. like what's your favorite color? oh wait thats so basic oh my god im mentally killing myself.

sorry if i'm already boring you to death, i don't really do these things. well i am boring so don't expect much from me. i really have nothing to write so i guess i'll end it here. and i'm pretty sure you will write something more interesting than i did. well uh bye.


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