Sara Marrow

I'm Sara Marrow, this is about me and my friend Scorpius Malfoy, and his...problem.


2. The Ravens

"Just ignore them." I whisper to Scorpius, "How can I when they're all dumbstruck and drooling?" He hisses referring to the girls staring at him. "Well they want to rip my limbs off and hit me with them." I hiss back, we walk to the Ravenclaw table and sit down. Scorpius ducks his head to try to hide his face, "Well hello, Hyperion." Kathy Santoni (Full House, hehe) gushes. "Call me by my first name." Scorpius says, I can tell that he's annoyed. "Scorp, calm down before your veela starts kicking in." I whisper, he takes a deep breath and starts eating his salad. I eat my steak and take a sip of pumpkin juice, "Let's go before they choke on their food." Scorpius says standing up. I get up and we both walk to the Ravenclaw painting, "What's black, white, and read all over." The painting asks. "That's easy, a newspaper." I say, it opens up to reveal a room decorated with blue and bronze. Scorpius sits on the couch and I run up to the girls dormitories to change, crop top, short shorts, and a scrunchie. I walk downstairs to the common room and lean over the back of the couch, "G'night, Scorpius." I say hugging him. "Night!" He says as I start to walk up the stairs, I flop on the bed and quickly fall asleep.

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