Keep the Faith

I've written this story based on a game that I played with my sorority in which we had to answer questions based on the bible but if we didn't get them right we would get sent back out of the house.


2. The Plan

I wake up early like I do every day and everything is normal. The birds are chirping and the sun is slowly rising over the horizon as I stand up and stretch. My parents are probably still asleep and that’s good because they wouldn’t approve of what I’m going to do.

See, my parents followed into the darkness with everyone else. It seems that only a few kids were unaffected by this attack. And we are putting together a plan today to try and fix this and bring light once more to this broken world.

I have five friends who were also unaffected and we meet up every day to worship and study the bible. We usually hide in my friend’s basement and talk quietly because this religion is not allowed in this town. I grab my backpack with my bible in it and crawl out of the second story window. I climb down the tree that stands outside and run across the yard to the sidewalk. I run until I am well out of sight of my house, just in case my parents do wake up and find that I’m gone.

My friend only lives about fifteen minutes away from me in a big black house that looks almost like the Edward Scissorhand’s house, except it’s not on a hill and locked away from the rest of society. I walk up to the house and go around to the back door once I’m there I text my friend to open up the door, we don’t want to knock in case parents get woken up. My friend answers the door and ushers me inside, I see the rest of them sitting in a circle, all waiting for me. My friend moves and sits down at the front of the circle facing us.

“Now that we’re all here, we need to come up with a plan. We cannot live in hiding anymore.” He says. The rest of us nod in agreement.

“But, Xavier, we could die for going out in the open. I don’t want to die.” One of my other friends says. Xavier nods with a grim look on his face.

“Yes. That is a risk that we have to be willing to take to get through this. It’s only the six of us so we have to all stay strong in our faith. Stand strong in what we believe.” He states. We all nod again but then I speak up.

“What will we do? We will have so many tests. Do we know the bible well enough to know how to accurately answer the questions people will ask?” I ask him. He gives me a pointed look.

“David, we have prepared ourselves for this for years. We will not fail and we will be able to answer any questions asked of us. We have God on our side and even if we are walking through the valley of death he is there watching over us.” He answers me. He turns to the others and clears his throat a bit with a thoughtful look on his face as he goes to say his next sentence. “We will be moving during the night. I know it’s not the safest but it is when the least amount of people are out. The only ones we will have to deal with are the night guards. We must not show them fear.” He speaks strongly as only a leader can.

“I think this is the craziest thing I’ve ever thought about doing.” One of the other girls says. She runs her hand through her long black hair.

“Yeah. It’s going to be insane, especially if we actually succeed.” The other boy says.

“Isaiah, we will succeed but we need to pray for our safe keeping as we prepare to embark on our journey. Laura, this will be the craziest and most important thing that you will probably ever do in your life. Ashley, Danika? Are you with us too? You haven’t really said anything.” Xavier calls them out. They just look at him for a few seconds before deciding to respond.

“This is exciting for me. I never thought I would do anything this important in my life. It’s so dangerous and stupid but it’ll be so much fun.” Danika says jumping up and down slightly. Xavier raises his eyebrows at her and nods slowly before turning to Ashley.

“How do you feel about this? Are you prepared to stand up for what you believe in?” He asks her. She nods her head. She has always been really quiet but she can be really passionate when it comes to her beliefs, you just have to get her talking first.

“I’m with you guys.” She answers shortly giving a more firm nod, affirming her answer. Xavier nods.

“Good. Now, we need to pick teams. We will be going in pairs.” He announces. Ashley immediately stands up and walks over to me. She sits down and hugs my arm tightly. I squeeze her hand reassuringly as the other girls pick their boy. “Okay. Now, let’s look at this map and choose which routes we want to take,” He pulls out the map of our city and has routes marked heading toward the capital. It will take us about four days on foot to get to the meeting place before we head into the capital. He points to the first route which goes down the left more country side of the town, Laura and Isaiah raise their hands.

“We will take that route.” Isaiah speaks for both of them. Xavier nods and marks their names down. He points to the next one.

“I’ll go down the right side.” I tell him. He looks up at me surprised.

“That’s probably the most dangerous places to travel. The woods is where the guards hide the most.” He tells me.

“I know but I want to do that. Ashley and I will be fine to go through there. We will pray for our safe keeping every day and pray that we could know the answers when we are tested.” I answer him and he nods with his face scrunched up.

“Okay. That leaves the middle route for Laura and I. We leave tonight, is everyone clear on what to do and what we are to take with us?” He asks looking around the circle. We nod but I don’t think any of us actually have a clue what we are actually supposed to take with us on this trip.

“Ummm… You never actually told us what we need to take.” Ashley comments from beside me. He looks at her with a questioning look. And then at the rest of us and we all nod sheepishly.

“Well, you obviously need your bibles and you should take crosses with you to protect yourselves from any dark entity that tries to block your path. We will only be moving at night and we need to conserve our phone batteries so no communication between our groups. We will just have to pray for each other and wait for each other on the other side of this trial.” Xavier says. We all nod at him.

“Where will we meet tonight to head off?” Laura asks. Xavier nods thoughtfully.

“Each team will meet each other at the start of their paths. And head from there,” we hear a loud crash sound from the upstairs of his house, “let’s pray and then head on our ways.” We hold hands and bow our heads. “Dear Lord, please guide us safely through these trials that we are about to face. Help us that we may stand for you and stand up for what we believe in. Guide us through this journey and keep us safe until we reach the other side. Help us to know these answers to these tests so that we may live through the trials. In God’s name we pray, Amen.” We unlink hands and stand up. “I wish all of you the best of luck. And we will see each other at the end before heading into the capital.” Xavier says. We all nod at each other before walking out of the basement toward our own houses to get ready for the journey ahead of us tonight.

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