next door neighbor



9. [ 9 ]

I'm so sorry last chapter sucked. IM SO SORRY FOR THE VERY SHOET CHAPTER ILL MAKE THE NEXT ONE LONG x love you guys - catwhiskers _________________________________________________

Michaels pov

Holy crap, I'm annoying.

Yes. I did say hi eventually . Why did you want to know in the first place? Um ok.. She smiled did this cute head tilt thing and said hi back. It was adorable . Uh um pretend I never said that ... never mind.

Anika's pov

The week finally ended . Still no friends. Don't really think Michael counts. I was just thankful that the week was over. I collapse onto the floor and exhale. I end up grabbing my phone and skyping one of my friends from home. No answer. Ughhhh

I roll over and bump my head on my dresser. I kick it and a frame falls off, a picture from home. I throw it and curl up. I just wanted to go home.

Apparently Michael's family is coming over at my house. I don't even know any more.

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