next door neighbor



8. [ 8 ]

Anika's pov

I rush in right as the bell rings: Everyone stares. Silence. I awkwardly sit down next to a girl who looks somewhat nice. She looks away. The teacher clears his throat, "we have a new student" he looks down at a sheet of paper. "Anika I believe is her name, why don't you stand up.. Anika." 'great thanks teacher' I slowly stand and look down at my shoes.

After what seemed like 50 years he let me sit back down. Then he started talking. My name is Mr. Johnston and I will be your teacher for 1st period, geometry.. blah blah blah blah. I'm pretty sure he talked to me through the whole period. It sucked, at least for me. Everyone else used this opportunity to write notes and chew gum... Lucky. I almost fell out of my chair when the bell rang I was so thankful. Oh gosh .

The rest of the day went by way to slow. I ate in the bathroom stall, yeah I was that desperate. I did see Michael, it would've awkward to sit next to him though honestly. He didn't even say hi, maybe he doesn't like me. Oh well I was super glad when the day was over, I practically ran home.

Michaels pov

'Why are you such a idiot' I said to myself walking home 'All you had to do is say hi to her. Hi Anika, that's all you had to say Michael and you know what you did ? Blew it. She probably thinks I hate her or something' I unlock the door, go upstairs and lay down on my bed. "I'm over reacting" I say to myself knowing it's not true.. ( well maybe it was but ..) I run my fingers through my hair, still slightly worried. 'My fault anyways'

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