next door neighbor



7. [ 7 ]

IM SO SORRY FOR NOT POSTING AHH DONT KILL ME forgive me plz. I won't do it again I swear. Haha anyways ..


Anika's pov

I laugh and wave goodbye, deciding to head back down stairs. 'penny boarding sounds nice right now' "Bella ! Bella !" My golden puppy runs toward me. "Hey girl" I bend down to pet her, "want to go on a walk ?"she licks my face, "well technically penny boarding but you don't care right?" And I sound like an idiot but hey what's new? I put the leash on Bella, grab my penny board, open the door, and walk out.

The rest of the day went by in a snap. Before I knew it, it was 10:00 pm. First day of school was tomorrow. Let's just say I was nervous as crap. I didn't know anyone. Well except for Michael but still.. To get my mind off of it I decided to watch Netflix... O.K. I know I should be sleeping but it's basically impossible right now, with school and everything ( + I really need to watch the new season of "once opon a time" hey, don't judge) I click on the first episode. My eyes start to get heavy. Quickly afterwards I fall asleep.




I wake up to the annoying sound of my alarm clock. "Shut up" I mutter, pushing the clock off of my night stand, I roll over, falling out of bed "ow" I groan standing up. As you can see I'm not necessarily a morning person... After tripping, falling and stumbling I ( finally ) make it to my bathroom, brushing my teeth and hair, then quickly doing my makeup, afterwards I change into some ripped jeans and a black tee then head down stairs to grab breakfast. ( basically a granola bar and orange juice ) and head out the door.

I stand in front of the school entrance. people where already giving me looks, I hug myself and self consciously look around, take a breath and step in.

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