next door neighbor



6. [ 6 ]

Took me forever to make this chapter sorry !! Anyways enjoy ! - tall_hemmo


Michael's pov

I stand there shocked. 'well that happened ok, no big deal' ( but it really was and he didn't know why) my phone rings,

text from calum, to: Ashton, you and Luke

Calum: band practice at Michael's place tomorrow?

you: sure

Ashton: I can come!

Luke I'll be there.

Calum: what time?

You: 12:45?

Luke: good for me!

Ashton: be there

Calum: ok cool see you then!

I look at the time, '10:09' I curl up into a ball on my bed, not even bothering to get under the covers or change. Afterwards I quickly fall asleep, still curled up.

"Ow" bad choice to fall asleep like that. I had a major pain in my neck,'screw this' i look at the time 10:45am, I pick out a clean pair of the same skinny jeans i was wearing right now, ( hey don't judge) and a blink-182 muscle tee.

the doorbell rings, I race down like a little kid on Christmas Day. I open the door and they come in. "hey" I turn around Luke and Calum are already tuning there instruments. I laugh, "excited much?" Calum shrugs, "sorry but we haven't 'practiced' in what seems like 5 months" I smile and pick up my guitar and start tuning it.

I'm hungry Ashton complains, We'd been practicing for 30 minutes and Ashton had been complaining like crazy. I stand up and hand him chips, "here". "Thanks!"Ashton jumps up and grabs them. I roll my eyes and sit back down. "Hey can we go in your room" Ashton says with his mouth full. "Sureeeee why not". Calum hops on my back unexpectedly, almost causing me to fall. "Let's go!" He says pointing in the direction of my room.

"what now?" I sit down next to Luke. "dunno" Calum sighs. I pull out my phone and scroll on tumblr.

After what seemed like forever Ashton jumps up, "hey what about a piggy back race. I snort at the idea, Ashton came up with the most stupid but most entertaining things to do. "I call Michael!" Luke practically yells. "Fine then I get Calum" Ashton says crossing his arms. "Whatever, let's go" I run down the stairs and out into our backyard.

After that whole fiasco i go back inside. Ashton and Calum won. "Want a drink?" I shake my glass. "Sure" Luke says sitting down. I give him his drink and sit on the counter, "do you guys want one?" "Naw" calum shakes his head, "yeah not right now" Ashton says nodding his head toward Calum.

Once we were done eating and drinking I stand up, "back to my room ?" "Sure" Ashton hops off of the chair and raced up stairs.

"What now?" I sit down on my bed next to Calum. "Dunno" Luke looks over at my window, "hey who's that?" Who's wh-?" I trail off, 'oh'. "S-she's Anika" "oh." Luke waves and jumps "hi!!" She's laughing I can tell. I mouth sorry behind his back. She smiles, waving to Luke.

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