next door neighbor



5. [ 5 ]

This chapter was kinda cheesy sorry !! ❌IT GETS BETTER I SWEAR BEAR WITH ME❌


Michael's pov

'Well that was awkward'. We um didn't really talk... Well we did but not it wasn't interesting. Basically small talk.-' My thoughts were interrupted by my mom. "Come Inside Michael". I turn around and walk inside.

"Hey Michael" I take off my headphones and turn, now facing my mom. "Yeah?" Anika and her family are going to have dinner with us tonight". I didn't say anything, because honestly what is there to say?

I go upstairs to my room, 'crap, is this good or bad?' Michael really didn't want to think about it right now.

A few hours had passed when i heard the doorbell ring, 'super'

"Michael they're here!" My mom yelled "coming!" I sigh and walk down stairs.

When I reach the bottom of the stairs my mom looks at me smiling really big (so big I thought her lips where going to split) . "Time to eat" my mom practically ran to the table, my dad following.

I start eating, Anika sits next to me awkwardly.

After I finish eating I stand up. "I'm going upstairs."

Anika's pov

Great. Now Michael has left. Now I'm stuck with 2 moms and 2 dads.

After what seemed like for ever Michael's mom spoke, "you can go up in Michael's room if you'd like." "Thank you" I quickly get up.

I'm sneaking up stairs now, why? I have no idea. On a scale of 1-10 how awkward is this going to be? Soon I'm at his door freaking out. I quietly walk in, "h-hey". He turns around, looking startled, then he calms down again "oh hi". "Your mom wanted me to come up here," I look down awkwardly. "I'm going to get some cookies" Michael says opening his door and stepping out. I look around his room, he has a few posters on his walls of green day. I spot a guitar and pick it up out of habit. I'd taken lessons afew years ago and I had loved it. 'Already tuned perfect' I start to play American beauty / American psycho by fall out boy, while singing along. Michael opens the door to his bedroom. I turn around, quickly putting down his guitar, "I-I'm so sorry I-" he cuts me off. He's smiling.. 'Why is he smiling?' "N-no that was really good". I blush, "thank you". "no problem" he picks up his electric. "Do you know how to play teenage dirtbag?" Michael says. "Y-yeah why?" "We could play, you play the acoustic I could play electric.. If you don't want to-" I cut him off, "no that'll be great" and for the first time that night I smiled.

we start playing. For some reason i was really comfortable. I stand on his bed jumping around playing and singing clearly. He sings, laughing.

Once we finished signing I fall down on his bed and sigh, laughing. "What now?" Michael asks tilting his head. "I have no idea" I pull out my phone scrolling on tumblr. "Hey what's your number?" I smile a little and give it to him.

After a few hours my mom calls me down, "time to go Anika!" I grab my phone. "Ok! Coming" I hug him. He's shocked but he quickly relaxed and hugged me back, 'what made me do that?' I pull away, and run down the stairs.

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