next door neighbor



4. [ 4 ]

Anika's pov

He sang for about 5 more minutes then he pointed to his door. I got the message, i give him a thumbs up and he walks out. I let my body fall onto the bed as i sigh, 'what now?' Right at that moment my mom walks in with a few boxes in her hands, "hey you forgot some boxes" "oh ok thanks" I say yawning slightly. "I'm also going to meet our next door neighbors, do you want to come?" my mom lays down the boxes. I sit up, "sure"

after I had turned my room into a room of fandoms, I look around. head to toe my room was covered with posters of the bands. Green day, my chemical romance, all time low, twenty one pilots ect. also fandom posters. Next, all this random crap I had collected over the years.. No. I wouldn't call it 'crap, I would call it a fangirls essentials. See over here I have my doctor who stuff and over here I have my supernatural stuff and over here we have my band things.. Ect.' The list goes on, really far. My closet is a totally different story. I'm pretty sure 99.9% of it is band Merch and fandom Merch. Let's just say I'm a pretty hard core fangirl.

"Hey come on Anika lets go"my mom yells. "okay yeah I'm coming" I slip on some converse, grab my phone, then run down the stairs. my mother smiles and opens the door, I follow her out and we head off. She walks over to that boys house. 'Great.' My mom knocks on the door of his house, 'why did I agree to come' . Someone answers, it's that boys mom. " I let out a sigh of relief. "Hello may I help you?" She says sweetly. "Oh no me, my husband, and my daughter just moved here we just wanted to meet everyone." my mother says smiling. "Ok wonderful!" She turns around, "Michael come here!" 'Oh crap..wait that's his name. No maybe it's her husband?-' my thoughts are interrupted. She flashes a grin, "this is my son Michael."

I look down. "Um hi." He says awkwardly. "H-hi" I stutter "my names Anika". "Nice to meet you I'm Michael".'I finally look up he's smiling a little. "So um where are you from?" He says breaking the awkward silence. "I'm from Illinois" I look back down. "in the U.S.? That's cool" "y-yeah"

"Hey Anika let's go!" My mom says "yeah ok bye" I look back at Michael. "Yep see you around" he looks down. I run to my house. At one moment I look back and see him staring.

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