next door neighbor



3. [ 3 ]

hey guys !! So I know I've updated a lot a lot ! dunno if that's a good or a bad thing 😂 I probably won't update till Friday. I'll probably pre-write some stories.. Anyways lets go !!


Michael's pov

After about a hour afterwards I head back up to my room, looking through my window to see if that girl was in her room. Turns out she wasn't. My heart kinda sank. 'ugh why do I feel this way,' I run my fingers through my hair.

after thinking about what I should do, I decide to play my guitar. after tuning my guitar, I start to play. I'd started singing, hardly concentrating on anything around me. I was in my own world and I loved it.

Being the person I am I don't notice that the girl is on her bed listening to me. I finally look up. She smiles so big, which made my cheeks slightly pink. out of embarrassment, I lay my guitar down. She gets up and pulls out a notepad and grabs a sharpie. She's writing something. That girl holds up the notepad which says: "PLAY MORE MUSIC YOU'RE GREAT!" I notice she's slightly blushing a little. I'm smiling while I pick up my guitar and continue playing.

Anika's pov

I walk in my room, popping down on my Mint green bedspread. I look out of my window. The boy is playing his guitar singing, my lips form into a smile as I take out my earphones. his voice was amazing. I close my eyes and listen. When I open my eyes I notice he has noticed me. 'Crap'. he kinda fumbles with his guitar as he puts it down. 'Shoot I don't want him to stop playing' my mind clicks. I notice a notebook and a sharpie laying on my bed, 'perfect'. In all caps I'd wrote 'PLAY MORE MUSIC YOU'RE GREAT?" My cheeks turn red as I turn the notebook around. He smiles and picks up his guitar, continuing to play.

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