next door neighbor



2. [ 2 ]

hey guys !! Yep I'm updating again.. Sorry I just felt like writing !! anyways hope you guys enjoy. I swear it does get better ! I reallyyyyy like the way this chapter turned out !! -tall hemmo


I don't remember falling asleep. I rub my eyes as I wake up. At first I was confused at where I was but I quickly remembered, Australia.. Right. I quickly jump out of bed and pick out a outfit for today, black skinny jeans and a green day shirt. Perfect.

after getting ready in the bathroom i head down stairs only to smell bacon. I twirl into the kitchen "mmmmmm" my mom laughs, "I made you some breakfast" she slides me a plate. She continues talking, "your father is already at work" I poke at my eggs, "ok um cool?" I didn't know how to respond. 'Why is she telling me this' I think to myself.

I finish eating and head back up to my room. after watching a few episodes of supernatural I close my laptop and get up. 'what now?' My fingers click against my night stand. I end up jamming out, putting on American idiot. "DONT WANNA BE. AN AMERICAN IDIOT ! " I sing the lyrics at the top of my lungs, grabbing my hair brush, using it as a microphone. now I'm jumping on my bed.

Of course I forgot I left my curtains open.. i don't realize that the boy next door is staring at me through his window, grinning. I finish my "dance party" collapsing on my bed. now jumping back up I start twirling. I'd been so busy dancing I didn't know that the he was staring at me. My cheeks become a light shade of pink as I made eye contact with him. He was really cute, he had pale skin, a adorable smile, and really cool hair. I hit myself slightly 'snap out of it Anika gosh your such a idiot' i quickly look away, walking into my bathroom. I grin like a idiot. 'What the heck Anika snap out of it, he doesn't like you back, wait you don't like him. Yes I do. No. Yes. no. ' I think for a while until I realized that I'm sitting on a toilet, grinning about some guy who doesn't even like you. "Sums up my life" i mutter replying to my own thoughts.

Michaels pov

We had just gotten new neighbors and man was one pretty. At first she didn't notice me creepily staring at her while she danced around jamming to green day. I stand there staring like a freaking creep grinning. She falls back on her bed. I think she's don't until she gets up and twirls. I laugh. she sees me looking and her cheeks turn pink. Same with mine. She goes into the bathroom. I sigh and get up heading out of my room.

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