next door neighbor



10. [ 10 ]

Let's just say time went back way faster than I expected.

I was upstairs when I hear the familiar noise of the doorbell. I cautiously walk down the stairs and stand next to Michael. He looks at me and smiles. I smile back, blushing a bit. "Dinner will be ready in about an hour" my mom says as she sits on the couch. I nod my head before walking up the stairs to my room, Michael following.

I walk into my room and fall onto my bed. He looks around before sitting down next to me. "So what d-do you want to do?" I ask, looking at him. He shrugs. A lightbulb goes off in my head, "video games?" His face lights up "sure" I smile and get up,turning on my tv.

I pull out the stacks of video games I had, "which one?" He taps his chin, "uh do you have Mario cart?" I smile "yeah"

We weren't able to start before dinner was ready. I hastily eat and clear my place, going back up to my room. A few minutes later Michael comes up. "Ready ?" I ask him. "He plops down next to me "yep".

30 minutes pass. My eyes start to get heavy. Before I knew it I fell asleep, my head on Michaels lap.

Michael's pov

I stare down at Anika's face. She looked so peaceful. It brings a smile to my lips. I play with her hair and she smiles in her sleep. I blush slightly and cautiously kiss her forehead. Her eyes open sleepily "h-hi" "uh hi" I stutter out awkwardly.

She sits up, "I-I'm so sorry" she looks panicked. "N-no it's fine I it w-was kind of nice, I look down. She puts her hand under my chin, and softly brings it up. I meet her eyes. "I liked it too" she smiled slightly. She leans in. "Michael honey time to go!" My heart sinks so close. She looks away, her face was pink. "I-I'll see you Monday" I say, "yeah" she weakly smiles. I stand up and walk out the door, my mind going over what just almost happened.

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