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Hey guys !! This is my first fanfic on here. I hope you like it. I will update as soon as i possibly can. Anyways lets get started !!


Anika's pov

I walk into our new house. Me and my family moved here from Illinois. My mother said there's greater Job opportunities" for my dad here in Australia. And of course he just had to agree. doesn't surprise me, he agrees to everything my mom says. "Hey Anika go to the car and grab some boxes" I snap out of my thoughts, "oh right of course" I open the door, stepping out of the house and walk to the driveway where the boxes are located. I looked until I found a box that said "Anika" on it and pick it up. "Your room is upstairs if you want to look" my dad says. I rush upstairs with my boxes and look around, it had a big window so I could see my neighbor's room perfectly, it also had a lot a lot of space, and a big tv. I carefully set down my boxes and begin to unpack. I hang up some posters on my wall and put on my bedspread.

It takes me about a hour and a half to get everything done. I fall into my bed and sigh, 'why did we have to move?' i hug my pillow and curl into a ball, 'i don't know anyone at all'. I uncurl my body and sit up. i look at my doctor who poster and sigh, "you guys are here for me right?"I sadly smile, "and now I'm talking to myself" I leave the room and head down stairs.

sorry it was sooo short lol ily x Kate {{ tall_hemmo }}

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