What is this feeling? Teeth tearing away at flesh, blood dripping down my chin, growling trembling from my throat. Feels almost a relief of a daydream, the open eyes of instinct. Am I finally awake?

** Note the cover is not my work, it can be found at this link:


1. Cold.


How did I get here? I was sleeping in my room a moment ago, now out among trees upon bare, cold feet. Yet I did not feel the cold, I felt its presence, but the sensation was numb. Branches clawed and scraped my skin, drawing no blood but tempting it. What was I walking towards? I was aware of my body and in control, but still I walked into the forest, nothing to guide me but the stars which pierced the velvet sky like diamonds. This was something of a simple beauty, but none the less was it treacherous. The attraction of simulated gravity drew me in deeper, no reasons nor order to explain this, only what felt like a form of lust. The crisp winter air brushed against my ever so light body. Shivering from an invisible force which I didn't feel, yet my body moves to nature. Gentle pricks pushed the soles of my feet, whether blood was drawn I could not determine. My body pulled itself further, my arms hung lifelessly, swaying as I stepped. Where was I going?


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