Hey, this is a book on me. So hope you enjoy getting to know me.


2. Mum and Dad



Right so this chapter is about my Mum(s) and Dad.

So i've had three 'mums' , the first was my birth mum who i've never met and i really want to see her but im not aloud. Second was Sarah and her two daughters  Chole and Amy, i was like Cinderella with the evil step mother and two ugly step sisters, i saw her and my dad brake up, it was quite funny, she through a bag of frozen peas at my dad :'D That all happened by the time i was four. Then i lived with my grandma for a year and helped out in her Bnb. Then my dad met Adele, not the singer, far from the singer. 

She's strict, very strict but looking after me AND my brother must be hard, she has not got the same style as me so choosing clothes that me and her like is a nightmare, she complains when I say I dont lile things, like food, if I dont lile it she'll say "yes you do, just eat it", she does'nt like one direction so I bug her by blasting their music, if I do a hobbie and I dont mind it I have to do it every week for example, trampolining, imagine its friday and your best friends mum and dad are going out for the night and your best friend will be all alone with a chance of being raped, you would want to stay with her right? So most of the time im not aloud and only once have I been a loud. On the other hand shes kind if shes in a good mood she'll get me things like albums and things. But I still love her. Shes my best friend. I couldnt live without her. ♡♡♡♡♡♡

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