Hey, this is a book on me. So hope you enjoy getting to know me.


4. More about me.



So, erm, I dont know were to start.........

Looks:: Basics::

Brown hair, blue eyes, 5.2 feet tall, have a spotty face, big feet, big thighs, not skinny at all, quite big lips and ears pierced.  

Style:: Clothes::

Im a jeans and strapy top with Vans type of girl. I dont really like dresses nor skirts. I dont mind shorts. I would wear long jumpers/tops with black jeans if I was aloud. I could live in Jodhpurs though. I would wear shorts, skirts and dresses -- if I was skinny.

Goals:: Dreams::

Thigh gap, flat stomach,  pretty, tattos, horseriding every weekend, myown horse/unicorn, Lois Tomlinson by my side ecen just once, or Tom from At Sunset (link to them at the bottom of the page) , live with bae ♥♥, lots of clothes, to be free.

Dream job::

Photographer for One Dirsction or At Sunset or have my own business on photography,  probably on animals.


At sunset 18 one direction cover

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