Hey, this is a book on me. So hope you enjoy getting to know me.


3. Little Brother.


My little brother is Connor, hes 12. Im doing a chapter on him because hes had a dromatic past. I thought I would share his story because its amazing. 

So when Connor was one (on his birthday) he was diagnosed with cancer. I cant remember any of it.

So, he got out of hospital when he was two.

Now he goes to hospitle every six months, 

He's autistic,  has learning difficulties,  and lots of things.

Its quite sad knwoing my brother died for 15 seconds when he got his operation to kill the cancer. Luckly, my dad begged god to get him back and his prayer came true. 

My brother, me, dad, grandma and grandad were in the Northern Echo for his amazing story.

Now, he is the usual 12 year old in dirty mindedness, his attitude and footdall obsession. He gets told off a lot and bullys me but I know he cant help it so I ignore it. When I try to help him I get told off so I try not to do petty helping. 

When he went to my primary he got bullyed so I stuck up for him and got into many fights- with boys. He looks up to me. And I love him more than anything.


This is not all of his story but its all I can remember as I have short memory. Shame as I would love to remember my good times in the past. 



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