Psycho ex-boyfriend

Read to find out



Chapter 5

"Sorry about that guys" I apologize. "What was that all about?" The boy with the colored hair spoke. I'm pretty sure his name is Michael. "Just a psycho ex boyfriend" I answer, very annoyed. "So what about you guys?" I say after long awkward minute. "Just trying to get away from everything" Ashton speaks up. "You know you can't run away from your problems" I say. No one says anything. *One hour later* By now, it's dark and everyone is sleeping, I'm getting a bit tired, but nothing to worry about. Checking to see when we need gas, I look, and my immediate response it, "FUCK" I yell, and with that everybody wakes up, except for Calum, he's been pretty quiet this whole ride and so has Sarah, which is surprising. "What?!" Luke yells. "We ran outta gas" I say quietly. "What the fuck!" Everybody says. By now Calum has woken up "IM SORRY" "Okay, let's all stay calm and think of a plan" Calum says. Sarah responds with "Good idea" "Okay, how about, half of us stay here and the rest go and find the nearest gas station" Ashton says. "Okay, so Me, Luke and Sarah go find the nearest gas station and Calum, Michael, and Hayley stay here" Ashton says " Sound good to me" I say. *20 minutes later* "You could of checked the gas before we ran out?" Michael says, "Well sorry, I was the only one up and keep in mind, I'm paying for the gas!" I say rather loud. "Guys shut up, I think I heard something" Ashton says "Don't scare me!" I say, not in the mood to joke around. *Tree branches breaking* "Who's there?!" I yell. "Don't mess with me, I have my period and I'm not afraid to put you into the Sharpshooter!"

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