Psycho ex-boyfriend

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9. Waking up With Luke

Chapter 9

When I woke up someone's arm were around me. I looked at the person and all the memories of the fight with me and Sarah came flooding back.

"Luke" I whispered while shaking him. He groaned and pulled me closer.

"Luke get up" I said a little louder. And he still didn't move

"Luke I'm serious get up!" I yelled. He shot up really fast "what? What? What's going on?" He asked really confused.

"Oh nothing it's just that YOU HAD YOUR ARMS AROUND ME!" I said getting out of the car.

"Why are you so mad at me for having my arms around you...most girls would love to be in my arms" he said getting out of the car also.

"Do I look like most girls?" I asked, he looked me up and down

"No your more bitchy" he said

"Maybe I wouldn't be so bitchy because my friend is practically in love with you" I said


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