Psycho ex-boyfriend

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8. The Argument

Chapter 8

As we all head back to the hotel, Sarah pulls me aside. "What the fuck were you doing?!" She asks "It was nothing! We were just talking" I know Sarah really likes Luke, and he's her favorite, but I think he's growing on me. "Bullshit, and you know it! What's going on between you guys?!" "Absolutely nothing. Maybe if you would ACTUALLY talk to him, instead of stalking him on Twitter, and letting him know you exist, you'd be in my position right now." I know I sounded bitchy, and I was being a bitch, but damn, who else was going to tell her. "Wow, ok...Fuck you." "Fuck you." I simply say back as she storms back inside. I realized, I just fucked up. Sarah's very sensitive, and takes about everything and anything to heart, so I do feel like I'm walking on eggshells around her. She's literally my best friend, I mean, I have other friends, but she means the absolute world to me. I decide to go and apologize to her. As I go and knock on the door. I realize she probably told the boys to not open the door for me. And yes, we got two rooms. "Shit" I whisper. I'll just sleep in the damn car. As I'm sitting in the car, I hear a knock on the window. It's Luke. "What?" "Let me in" He says impatiently. Ok then, damn Luke calm yo titties. "What's your damage?" I say, he's a little shaky. "Let's just say me and Ashton got into a little heated argument" "Hey! Me and Sasha did. Can you please tell Sasha that there's nothing between us" I say "Why?" "Cause there isn't" I say as I close my eyes, hoping he would get the hint. "Hey, talk to me" Luke says shaking me "Can you stop, incase you didn't know, it's almost 1am" "I'm used to it" "I'm not" I coldly say. "Sorry, it's just..." I start to apologize "Don't apologize, it's okay. You seem like your under a lot of stress" "It's because I am" I say whiling scoffing. "I'll leave" He says while getting out. I pull his arm back in "Please stay" "Okay" He says, smiling. I never noticed how blue his eyes were. How perfect his hair was. How his smirk was forming the longer I looked at him. Admiring his features. "Like what you see" he says, winking at me. "Don't get ahead of yourself Hemmings" "But you like me, I know you do" I close my eyes, I couldn't help but smile. "Just sleep." I think I'm falling for him. And in that moment I never thought of Sarah, but I don't regret what I said to her, someone had to say it to her.

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