Psycho ex-boyfriend

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Chapter 2: Road Trip!

"Come on! It'll be fun!" Sarah say's trying to convince me to go on a Spring Break road trip. I personally don't want to. We have a huge test when we get back and I'd rather just study, stay home, eat cookie dough, and watch Netflix. She thinks it'd be fun. After a few days of annoying the fuck out of me, I finally say yes. Of course, Sarah takes forever to pack. Me, I'm actually pretty organized, so I don't take that long. I guess we're staying by the beach, and our campus is a few hours away. "Okay! Let's go!!" Sarah yells. Which is very annoying. I simply say "Okay" not really wanting to go. "Come on, I know your excited" Sarah says. "Just a tad" I reply "That's the spirit!" I swear, she's the only one who can make me smile when I don't want to, which is why love her. She tricked me into driving. Which is fine by me, I get the aux cord. As we're driving, I get a phone call from my mom. She's saying that Greg, my brother, who made my life hell, went to jail. You see my brother and I never got along, which is normal for a brother and sister, but we never got along. There was maybe one occasion where we got along, but other than that, we hated each other. But, that doesn't mean I never loved him, I would've jumped in front of a train for him, and he would do the same. Anyway, she says he's going to Jail for 10 years, she won't tell my why. I silently cry, for a hot second. Finally Sarah realizes, because we're blasting music, she comforts me. Her, being my best friend, knows exactly what to do when I cry. Finally, when I calm down and stop crying, I see a car on the side of the road, so naturally I pull over and see if they need my help.

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