Psycho ex-boyfriend

Read to find out



*CHAPTER 4- Jason*

Hayley's P.O.V

After all of the guys get their bags into the car we head off to the beach. About an hour and a half into the car ride Jason FaceTimes me. I answer, not knowing why he's calling me.

(J-Jason. H-Hayley)

H- what do you want?

J- I want to talk to you

H- why?

J- I want talk about our relationship

H- why? It's over there is nothing to be said and there is nothing left of it!

Then Luke being the person who he is gets into view of the camera.

J- who the fuck it that?!?!

H- Luke

J- well why is he there?

H- why do you care?

J- because I'm still your boyfriend and you are mine

H- Jason there is three things you have to know 1. You and I are not together 2. Of all I am not yours and finally I don't even like Luke.

J- we never officially called off the relationship

H- Jason your the one who said we need to break up so you really shouldn't be talking.

And with that I hung up.

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