Psycho ex-boyfriend

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7. A Walk Along the Beach

Chapter 7

After driving to the nearest hotel by the beach we all decided to get settled in. I'm not tired after what happened with Jason. So I decide to take a stroll along the beach and listen the sound of the waves. I know, it's cheesy. "Hey! What are you doing?" Luke says as he sees me walk out of the hotel. "Just wanna clear my head and think" I reply. "Can I join you!" "If you want" Hoping he wouldn't want to. After a couple quiet minuets, I decide to speak up. "What's your story?" "Huh?" He replies "Why did you want to come with us, what were you doing?" I answer. "Just needed a adventure, I know, it's..." "It's poetic, in its complicated self" I say. "And you?" Luke says. "I guess I could say the same. Everything's so chaotic in my life. I must be nice to live a simple life. Not having to worry about anything" I respond. "It'd get boring, everybody needs a little excitement in their life" "I guess" "Do you wanna sit?" He suggests "Sure" I say. He takes off his sweater he was wearing and puts it on the ground for both of us to sit on. "It's so peaceful" He says "It's must be so exciting" I say. "What?" "Living on the road, seeing different cities each night, performing in front of thousands of screaming girls" I wink at the last part. "It isn't always fun" "How so?" I say curiously. "Well it's so chaotic, you never really get to sit and relax, or take a minute to explore the city" "Must be soooo tough" I say sarcastically. I mean, how hard could living on the road be? "Whatever." He said, clearly annoyed by my remark. "Hey, I'm sorry" by now we we're looking into each other's eye. We slowly lean in together... "HEY! There you guys are!" Ashton and Sasha say, out of nowhere. "Dammit." Luke whispers. "What were you guys doing out here?" Sasha asks. Luke walks off and Ashton follows. "What was that about?" "No need to freak" I say picking up Luke's sweater, and heading back to the hotel.

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