Abused and Loved


1. School

      School started at 8am, I woke up at 8:45am. I lived about 10 minutes away from school. I woke up late because my damn neighbor kept me up until 3am. He was with his friends, they were playing with their instruments and singing. They were good and all, but I was trying to sleep. Anyway, I got out of bed and brushed my teeth, washed my face, and went to my closet to pick out an outfit. I didn't bother straightening or curling my hair so I just my hair in a messy bun.

    I left my house and saw my neighbor sitting on the grass with his friends from last night.
Him: Hey neighbor!
Me: Hi!
I started walking to school, I had my headphones in so I could block out the world.
**Skip 10 minutes, In school**
I'm a senior at Valley Boule High School and I'm 20 years old. I was supposed to graduate last year but I didn't because I missed too much school due to me being with my mother and taking care of her because she had cancer.
 Anyway, I was in calculus, zoning out, as usually, thinking about my mom. She passed away last year, before the school year ended. She was at home, and she was doing fine, she was happy, and she never told me that she was feeling sick or anything like that. But one day, she just, died.
Mr. Jones: Ms. Winters! I assume you know everything you need to know about calculus to pass the midterm, huh?
Me: Uh, sorry Mr. Jones.
Mr. Jones: Mhm, Pay attention.
I don't usually go to lunch because of Trinity and Victoria. They're the "populars". They're usually nice to people who don't step on their bad side, except me. I haven't done anything to them to get on their bad side. I've been nothing but nice to them, while they just bully me, insult after insult. But that doesn't matter. They still bully me, they don't care. They try as hard as they can to make my life a living hell. When they bully me, everyone else usually laughs with them. Why? Why me?

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