Abused and Loved


2. Birthday

   The bell rung, which means I have Piano and Forensics, then I get to go home. I love both of those subjects so it wasn't a problem. But, music is my escape, every time I play the piano, or any instrument, I just forget about the world. Especially when I sing, it's like music speaks the words I want to say but can't. Singing saved me. It was the end of the school day, and I was at my locker getting my headphones and iPod, then my best friend, Kasey, came up to me.
Kasey: Hey Love!
Me: Hey Kase.
Kasey: So, guess who's birthday is today!
Me: Ugh, Kase, please don't make it a big deal.
Kasey: "Please don't make it a big deal" she says. You turn 21!
Me: So?
Kasey: Okay, Maybe I will, maybe I won't. Haha, okay I gotta go now.
Me: Alright, Kase, See ya.
I started walking home and as usual, I put in my headphones and listened to music as I walked.
---Skip to when she gets home---
When I got home, I saw the boys were still outside but on the patio and Kasey was in front of my house.
Kacey: Hey love! I've been waiting for you, what took you so long? (laugh)
Me: You do remember that I walk home, right?
Kacey: I know, I'm just messin
Me: Anyway, what are you doing here?
Kacey: Well, it IS your birthday so...
Me: Don't tell me...
Kacey: Yup. I got you somethin.
Me: Come on, Kace- I told you, no-
Kacey: Yeah yeah, "No big deal", I don't care. Now go check the patio and open your present.
I walked up to the patio, picked up the present, and walked back to Kacey.
Me: Kace, you really shouldn't have gotten me anything. You know how much I hate celebrating my birthday.
Kacey: Okay, then don't think of it as celebrating your birthday, think of it as celebrating our friendship. Just open your present and be happy, please.
Me: (sarcastic) Nice wrapping skills Kase.
Kasey: Hey, I ran out, okay, sorry. (laugh)

Me: Yeah, it's okay.
I opened my present and saw that it was something that I've wanted for a long time, but never really had the money to buy my own. Not to mention, my father.
Me: Oh my god, Kase!! I can't believe it, how did you-
Kasey: I saved and got you something extra special.
Me: Yeah, no kidding. Thank you Kase, seriously.
Kasey: Don't mention it. Anyway I gotta go.
Me: Awww!
Kasey: Sorry, I gotta go visit my uncle in the hospital.
Me: Uncle Kal?
Kasey: Yeah, he misses you, Ari.
Me: I know, me too. Tell him I said hi though.
Kacey: Will do, Okay, gotta go, see ya!
Me: Okay, see ya!
Kacey: Enjoy the guitar!
Me: I will, bye!
Kacey got in her car and drove away with music blasting and windows down. Typical Kacey. I went inside and put my guitar under the bed so my father wouldn't see it.

Yes, I love gifts and celebrating my birthday but my father doesn't allow it. Since my mom died, my dad never wants to celebrate anything. It's like he never wants to be happy again. His attitude changed. Even his behavior changed towards me. He's more... abusive.


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