8. earth

no ones pov...

michaels family didn't know where he was they weren't at all worried bc they probably just thought he made a friend or something or just rented a hotel for some alone time.

you see michaels family dosnt real pay attention to Michel bc they thought he was just a weird child tht didn't need to much caring for so they just don't care for him they didn't feed or any thing they only thing his family did or him was provide him money and a place to live.

3 days later..

police =p mom - dad = dm

p- hello is this the parents of Michael Clifford this is Sydney police station (idk wat it s called)

d-m yes thois is the parents of Michael why are you calling?

p- im sorry to tell you this but your son Michael is dead he has died form a fall of his tree house in a place under a tree a couple has found it and saw him.

d-m oh my ok do u know exactly he has been dead...

p- we ran some test and hes been rotting for about 3 days now.

3 days hes been gone from his family 3 days they thought he was with a new "friend" or at a hotel

p-ok im going to go now sorry for your lost.

the line went dead...

michaels parents didn't care one bit they didn really care tht just ment they get more money to them self a house them self even thugh Michael  wasn't really home.

Michael parents where just heartless ppl..


like and fave this book :-)

ill try and update through the days im going to be going to vegas on saturdy to visit my aunt and I just found she don't got wifi like wtf sooo I cant update tht day...

IM sad ROWYSO TOUR is over and I didn't take a lot of pictures bc I just wanted to enjoy the moment

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