11. 9


Skip to later tht night....

 Me and Noah are currently cuddling on the couch. There was a silence a good silence. I broke that silence with..

Noah I know we only known each other for 3 days but would u be my girlfriend?

Yes Michael im up for that challenge I would call it she says almost instantly.

she falling asleep to the sound of my heart beat I fell asleep under her soft breaths.

the next morning...


ASHTON pov first

We kinda left an audio tape recorder at michaels house to hear all there conversations. wow Michael got a girlfriend faster then me in this dimension it took me months to get one.guys  I think they fell asleep we should totally go to michael in the morning and bring popers and ballons!!I suggested

that's a good idea ven though Michael would be pissed off noah porbably giggling

calum and luke.

something me and luke could do is talk to ach other through are head ik cool. wait till Michael hears noahs giggle he wont be so pissed off luke says. we dpnt know yet we havnt been around him in 5 years are so.

end of coverstaion..


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