5. 5

 the game has started its now the 6th round calum had to do ding dong ditch the neighbor and so far just childish dares. I just cant stop staring at desiree for some reason like I just want to get to know her.

 Michael Michael luke was yelling in my face. wahh yah wat happen..

I asked you truth or dare...

DARE I yelled so I don't sounf like a pussy because I been saying truth the whole time.

I dare you to kiss desiree for 5 min.

uhhh iiii ummmm cannt do tht I stutter

desiree jumped in and said what are u afraid to kiss me or somthin with a smirk on her face

I just went for it I jumped on her and she fell back and I sat on her and kissed her.

I got off her and she looked stunned.

desiree pov ik

Michael chose dare and got dared to kiss me I tried to hold in a blush (I don't know if thts possible)  the truth is I have a slight crush who am I kidding I have a huge crush on Michael since I turned around and saw him. but not from underworld to earth view.

WAT ARE U AFRAID TO I KISS ME I say with a smirk.

he just got up and pushed me down and sat on me and kissed me with full passion and liked my lower lip for an entrance which I gave and we departed after 5 min. I was shocked. but I wanted more I just wanted more of him I craved him. he got off me and left with a smirk on his face



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