3. 3


 well mikey im going to take you on a tour and to your house we decorated It and added furniture already ashton said. but first heres your new iPhone tht will only connect to the underworld.

I followed ashton out of the front doors to this nice looking town I saw couple walking down the streets it looked like the normal world but without your family like I even had any.we kept walking and I wasn't looking where I was going and bumped into this girl. watch it she said and her eyes turned black. ohhh uhh sorry.with that she didn't say any thing elsa and just looked back to wat she was looking at.

ohh tht is desiree shes a demon. shes one of the bad ones not really a bad one tho shes just a rebel tht they the mains chose she was going to be a demon ashton whispers.

Desiree this is Michael and hes a new be but my long time friend befor I died u should know a lot about him already.

ohh so ur Michael the boys talk about you all the time but they always worried if u wouldn't just let go desiree said.

ashtons was right shes not at all bad shes  just probably had it ruff.

wait so u know ashton and ashton you know desiree.

well yah she was here the 4 day me and the others where and she became are friend.she helped us wat over you ashton says.

ashton gets a call and ask desiree to show me my house and he gives her my address and she says heyyy your next door to me with a smile. we made some small talk.

we finally reached are destination . if you need any thing im right next door she says and walks to her house. I open the doors to my new house and go straight to my room not bothering to look through the house.

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