2. 2

 luke calum is that you?? I thought u guys died..?

yes it us they say in unison. and yes we are dead and so are you luke said to me.

but how I was just come back from my spot.

the spot was a place I went to when my 3 best mates had died from  a drunk driver when they where leaving my house. they where only 16. I got depressed and started wondering around more to clear my head. then I found a spot under a big tree where no one can see me. I built a tree house up in the tree for nights I decided to stay and clear my mind from every one. tht spot has been mine for 3 years now. 3 years with out my best mates 3 years of torture 3 years of loneliness 3 years of feeling so damn lost. the shadows covering. (see wat I did there continue)

I am how I asked. I was just leaving my spot.

just follow us calum says. if follow calum and luke down this long hallway and talk and catch up and they told em tht they been keeping an eye on me and hope I would of gotten over them dieing and wished I didn't die from the way I did I still don't know how though.

we have a stop at the end and they open big doors to a desk with 2 exstra chairs. then I see my last and final mate.  AAASSSHHHTTTOOONNNN!! MMMIIIKKEEEEYYY!! good to see you again and I know u are wondering ow u died. ell u died from falling out of your tree house out of your spot he says with a hint of sadness in his eyes.

oh was all I managed to say.



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