Killer Boyfriend

This is a Ticci Toby x reader story, it's for girls but guys can read it too, I don't judge. So I hope you enjoy.


2. Becoming One of Them

Toby's POV

"Toby child you carry (Y/N)." Slendy said to me using telepathy.

"*Sigh* K wh-whatever." I say.

I pick her up, I don't know why but I feel like I know her from somewhere, maybe my past.

I shrug it off and started to walk with everyone else. We get to the mansion in no time.

When we walked in I saw everyone looking at (Y/N), I sighed.

"She's g-oing to li-ve here with u-us so don't t-try to ki-ll her." I said.

Everyone groaned with disappointment, and I just smirked at their reactions.

I soon laid (Y/N) on the couch.

Time Skip because I have writers block

(Y/N)'s POV

I woke up on a couch and sat up.

"That was a crazy dream I had." I said out loud.

"That wasn't a dream doll face." A man in a feminine mask said.

I turn my head to look at him, and I saw many other people as well. I then saw Slender man.

My eyes were wide, I then shot up from the couch and ran tithe other side of the room.

"I'm in a mansion full of serial killers." I thought to myself.

A guy in goggles came up to me, he almost made me feel calm like I knew him. "Well of course you knew him you idiot he used to be your friend before he started home schooling." I thought to myself.

"Ca-calm down okay, w-we aren't go-going to hurt y-you." He said.

I just nodded in response. He pulled me back over to the group and they introduced themselves. Afterwards Toby and I just hung out.

"(Y-Y/N) I feel like I know you from somewhere do y-you know because I-I for-orgot." Toby said.

"I'll tell you then, when we were kids we used to be best friends and I was the only kid who stood up for you when people bullied you." I said.

Toby gave a distanced look like he was thinking, then his eyes widened.

Toby's POV

I thought about what (Y/N) said then my eyes widened remembering the day of the accident I was going to ask her something and I still remember what it was.

"Toby are you okay?" I heard (Y/N) say.

"Ye-yeah I'm f-fine." I said.

"Okay." (Y/N) said with a worried face and tone to her voice.

(Y/N)'s POV Time skip to a couple months later

I was sitting on the couch talking with Clocky when Slender came in.

"I have come to the final conclusion that (Y/N) is to be one of my proxies." He says.

My eyes widen with excitement and surprise, me being one of his proxies was like a dream come true.

"Yay (Y/N)'s one of us now." Masky yells and has a little victory dance with the two other proxies.

I just laughed at them, but Slender started talking again.

"But before she does she has to go on a killing spree to see if she is worthy to be one of us." He says.

I look at him with shocked eyes, but then look to the floor and smirk.

"Okay, I'll go on a killing spree, but I don't have a weapon." I said with a smirk.

"I grabbed your katana from your house when you started to live with us." Slendy says.

I sigh and grab my katana from his hands. It was as long as my legs, the sheath was black and so was the handle, the thread on the handle was purple, and on the blade a engraving I burned into it said " Life is war, and death is our punishment" in japanese.

"Okay so when do I go on this killing spree." I said.

"Tonight." Slendy said.

"K." I nodded

Time skip to that night

I went out on my killing spree, the other proxies his in the shadows watching me making sure nothing goes wrong.

The first person I'm going to kill is a guy in my class who bullied Toby and I all of our lives. I made sure to kill his parents before killing so I take out the bigger threats, I sneak to his room to find him asleep in bed I walked up to him then shook him awake ounce he saw me he jolted up. I quickly put a cloth in his mouth then cut off his hands so he can't take it out.

"Your going to pay for the torture you put Toby and I through." I said.

It was like my pupils became slotted like a cats and they became a blood red. I cut his feet off, then his legs and arms, I made sure torture him. Last but not least I said sweet dreams and chopped his head off. Blood got all over me.

I jumped out the window to be met by my fellow proxies, they just stared at me with wide eyes like I wasn't the (Y/N) they new.

"That felt good to get that grudge out of the way huh, man this is actually really fun." I said while smiling.

Toby's POV

When I saw (Y/N) killing those people she looked really cool, and when she killed Mark (Marks the bully) she looked flipin hot as fuck. I knew I had a crush on her, but I feel it growing by the second.

(Y/N)'s POV

"I feel Toby staring at me, does he like me? I doubt that, I mean who would like someone like me? I bet he likes Clockwork. I know he doesn't like me back." I thought.

We got back to the mansion, and when I walked in everyone was cheering.

"Why are you guys cheering?" I said.

"We saw you go on your first killing spree, and how is that BEN followed you guys with a camera that showed us it live, and you did great (Y/N)." Jeff said.

"Sweet dreams, that's going to be your killing quote now." Said Jane.

I just smiled. "Thanks for the support guys."

Toby walked up to me and said. "(Y/N) there's so-mething that I-I want to ask y-you."

"Sure, ask me anything Toby." I said.

He then pulled his mouthguard off along with his goggles, leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I was shocked but soon started to kiss back.

He pulled away and said. "(Y/N) (M/N) (L/N) will you be my girlfriend?"

I just smiled. "Yes, yes I'll be your girlfriend."

Everyone was cheering and having a great time. I actually have a family that loves me, and I now have a boyfriend that loves me too. I couldn't be happier than I am right now.

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