Killer Boyfriend

This is a Ticci Toby x reader story, it's for girls but guys can read it too, I don't judge. So I hope you enjoy.


1. Meeting

(Y/N)'s POV (M/N) means middle name

You were walking home from school (you live by your self) when you heard a ticking sound, but you ignored it thinking it was someone messing with you.

It got louder, you had enough with their bullshit. "Ok whoever's doing that shut the fuck up because it's getting damn irritating." You yell

It stopped for a while, so you kept on walking. Over time you started to get a headache you look around to see a tall man in a tux, but what scared you the most was he had no face.

You then booked it, the headache got worse and worse, and then you realized you ran into the forest near your house.

You say by a tree thinking you out ran them, but you soon learned you were mistaken.

"(Y/N) (M/N) (L/N) your coming with us child." You heard a man say.

You look up to see three boys about your age (you 17) and the tux guy. Ounce you looked closely you could tell it was slender and his proxies, you then passed out from the headache.

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