Prove Me Wrong

"Everything about that night was a mistake." I say. He frowns. Tears begin to fall from my eyes. "Why?" He asks furrowing his brows. I have my hands on my stomach. I was pregnant, I didn't want to be. "Theo." He stares at me. "I'm pregnant."


1. That Night


     His breath reeked of alcohol, mine must be the same. He chuckled as we both stumbled into the room. I'm lucky he caught me, I would've went face first onto the floor. 


     I wrap my arms around his neck laughing. We had went out with a few friends to the bar, Theo was just dropping me off. We were staying in the same hotel. 


     "Here." He said helping me to sit on the couch, but my heel went and decided to nearly sprain my ankle. I fell onto Theo who ended up being under me on the couch. I began laughing again. 


     Theo smiled staring at me. I stopped laughing when his arms tightened around my waist. His smile softened until it no longer existed upon his lips. I found myself leaning closer. This wasn't a good idea, but we're both drunk, it won't matter. 


     His lips softly melted into mine. My brown hair encircled us like a curtain. I loved how our lips moved together, almost in complete sync. A sigh escaped my lips as his slowly kissed my jawline slowly going lower. 


     His fingers began to undo the zipper, mine grazed the skin of his jaw. A low groan came from deep within his throat. This aroused me, I needed him. 


     I could feel his arousal under me. He wanted me as well. He sat up having me wrap my legs around his waist. His hands slid down my body under my thighs. 


     I smiled as he carried me into the bedroom softly letting me stand on my own two feet. His lips reunited with mine, only for a minute before lowering them to my neck. 


     The straps of my dress had slid off of my shoulders as it made its way to the floor. I didn't want to be the only one undressing. I slid his jacket off of his shoulders sliding my hands lower to start unbuttoning his dress shirt. 


     His uneven breathing and tenseness turned me on. His shirt was added to the pile of clothes on the floor. I ran my hands across his skin lower to his pants. 


     A low growl escaped his throat, I was moving to slow. He lifted me up into the air and softly laid me onto the bed. He stood and undid he button of his pants kicking them to the floor. 


     He crawled onto the bed hovering over my body. The intenseness of his stare made my breathing come uneven. I hooked my elbows around his neck pulling him closer connecting our lips. Roughly our lips began moving together. 


     His weight rested upon his elbows on either side of my head. His lips moved down to my neck going lower. A moan came out from within my throat. I need him. I hooked my fingers around the hem of his boxers lowering them. 


     He sat up resting his weight on his knees pulling down his boxers as I began lowering my underwear. We threw them to the floor positioning ourselves. "Ready?" His voice uneven, breathy. I nodded desperately. Slowly he thrusts into me. 


     I throw my head back in pleasure. Again he pushes. A low groan escapes his lips. The bed begins to rock back and forth squeaking beneath our weight. "Theo..." I groan. "Fas-...ter." He began picking up the pace.


     Sweat began to cover our bodies. His body began pounding into mine. A growl came from his throat. The pleasure was nearly unbearable.  I began to moan uncontrollably. "Hannah." He groaned. His lips left little kisses along my neck. 


     My legs slid along his hips as he kept thrusting. I gripped the blankets as he began pushing harder. "Theo..." I moaned. Boy can he pleasure a girl. "There." I whispered as he found my good spot. He began pushing faster resting his head on my shoulder leaving a hickey. 


     I could feel myself getting closer to my release. I met him at each thrust. He groaned as I released around him. He kept pushing pleasuring himself until he released into me. He relaxed pulling out slowly groaning. 


     I moaned as he didn't pull out all the way lingering. He slightly pushed in one last time before exiting entirely. He fell onto the bed next to me exhausted. That was the best sex I ever had. 


     We were both trying to catch our breath. He then slowly sat up from the bed running a hand threw his hair. He turned to face me. He smirked. Again he hovered over my body. "Ready for round two?" 


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