All Of Me *Discontinued*

"You're a Prince in my eyes." It's been two years since King Ben's coronation, and graduation is coming up. Doug and Evie seem like a hopeless case. Neither of them will make a move. When an evil strikes the halls of Auradon Prep everyone will have to work together to make it. Will they emerge triumphant, or will evil once again rule over Auradon?
The Cover was created by Lady Tatertot.


6. Taking Action

Evie's POV:

Suddenly, Fairy Godmother burst into the room wearing a bathrobe and bunny slippers with her hair in curlers. I stiffled a laugh, but some others weren't so lucky, including Doug. I giggled slightly at how red his face was from trying not to laugh. "What is the meaning of this? All of you go back to your dorms. Now!" No one moved an inch. Fairy Godmother stormed up to Chad. "Mr. Charming, what exactly is going on?" she said, her hands on her hips. Chad straightened and cleared his throat. "King Ben was kidnapped from his dorm. I saw it happen," he said confidently. She rolled her eyes.

"The truth, Mr. Charming. I don't have all night," she said. Chad clenched his fists. "Do you really think I would lie about something like that? I've already messed stuff up enough today, I'm not looking for more trouble!" he growled. Fairy Godmother frowned. "You're serious, aren't you?" she asked. Chad nodded, crossing his arms over his chest. 

Fairy Godmother's eyes widened and she began to pace. "This is very serious. Do you have any idea of where they've taken him?" Chad shook his head, blushing with embarrassment. I stepped forward. "I know where he is, Fairy Godmother. He was taken to the Isle of the Lost," I said. I heard gasps and several people muttering. "How do we know you four didn't do it? You're from there!" One kid shouted. Shouts of outrage, confusion, and agreement rang through halls. 

Doug's face grew angrier and angrier as it got louder. "Shut up!!!!!" He shouted. Everyone grew silent. Doug took a deep breath to calm himself down. "It couldn't have been them. When it happened, Evie was in my room giving me homework. Mal, Jay, and Carlos were in their dorm rooms. Jay was the one who got us to come here. Besides, they proved they were good by defeating their parents two years ago," he said loudly. He winced and rubbed his side. 

Fairy Godmother sighed. "Doug's right. Anyways, the other staff and I will discuss what to do. All of you may go back to your dorms," she said. We all filed out and headed to our dorms. Kids all around were muttering; some were shooting dirty looks at Doug and fairy godmother. "Thank you, Doug," I whispered. "No problem," he said, smiling. Then, he turned to Mal, Jay, and Carlos. "Hey guys, meet me up in my dorm. I'm not just going to sit around while Ben's in trouble. We need to do something now. We can't wait for the staff to figure stuff out. They'll argue and they won't get anywhere," he said. We all nodded in agreement. 


"So. What are we going to do?" I asked, sitting on Doug's bed back in his dorm. "Well, we know Ben is on the Isle. Your guys' parents have a grug against him after they were defeated two years ago," Doug said. A loud knock sounded on the door. All of us but Doug made ourselves hidden. I hid inside Doug's closet with Mal. Through the crack in the door, I saw Chad walk in. I clenched my hands tightly on the door, digging my nails into the soft wood. "I heard that you're planning to save Ben," he told Doug. Doug clenched his fists. "Get out. Do you really think I trust you after what you did to me?!" he snarled. Chad's expression hardened. "You know why I did that. But, I'm not just going to sit here and do nothing. Ben...Ben is my best friend." His voice cracked. Doug stayed silent for a second and then he sighed. "Come on out, guys," he said.

We all came out of hiding and stood next to Doug. "Chad," I said, glaring. He nodded respectfully. "Evie. So. Do you guys have a plan?" He asked. 

I shrugged. "We think he's being held by our parents," I said. Chad nodded. "That would make sense. do we get to the Isle?" "Remember when the barrier broke? Apparently, there's still a gap in it. It never fully rebuilt itself," I said. Chad frowned. "How do you know that?" "Why else would there be one spot, which I can see from my dorm window, be heavily guarded?" That shut Chad up. "Come on, let's go guys," Jay said. We all snuck to my dorm and unlocked the window. I grabbed things I knew we would need and stuck them in my bag. 

"Go out the window, guys," I said. Chad went first. Then Mal. Then Jay. Then Carlos. That left Doug and I alone in the room together. "You know, you don't have to go. You're in bad condition..." I started. Doug rolled his eyes. "I'll be fine mom," he said sarcastically. We both laughed. He climbed out the window and I followed close behind. I looked back into my dorm room one last time before dropping out of the window.

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