All Of Me *Discontinued*

"You're a Prince in my eyes." It's been two years since King Ben's coronation, and graduation is coming up. Doug and Evie seem like a hopeless case. Neither of them will make a move. When an evil strikes the halls of Auradon Prep everyone will have to work together to make it. Will they emerge triumphant, or will evil once again rule over Auradon?
The Cover was created by Lady Tatertot.


5. Kidnapped

Doug's POV: 

When we reached the main corridor, everything was in chaos. Students were running running around. Some of the freshmen had dissolved into tears and some seniors, including Mal, Jay, Carlos, Evie, and me, were trying to comfort them. "Excuse me? Can I have your attention please?" said a voice in the front of the room. Everyone whipped around to see Chad standing at the head of the group with a microphone.

"Where's King Ben? Shouldn't he be the one telling us what's going on?" A kid shouted. Chad's eyes grew misty. "That's just it. King Ben isn't here to tell you what's happened," he said, his voice shaking. I frowned. What did Chad mean, Ben wasn't here? Unless...."King Ben was kidnapped," Chad said. More screaming. More shouting. More running. More fear.

"Everyone calm down!!" I shouted. Pain shot through my ribs, but I ignored it. Surprisingly, it worked. I took a deep breath. "We can't panic. Evie can find out where King Ben is by using her magic mirror," I said. I looked at Evie and nodded. She took a deep breath and muttered something into her mirror. She frowned. "My mirror is showing me the Isle of the Lost. That can't be right unless.." Someone escaped," I finished. She nodded. "Exactly."



Hey! Sorry for the short chapters lately. I hope you like this update! :)

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