All Of Me *Discontinued*

"You're a Prince in my eyes." It's been two years since King Ben's coronation, and graduation is coming up. Doug and Evie seem like a hopeless case. Neither of them will make a move. When an evil strikes the halls of Auradon Prep everyone will have to work together to make it. Will they emerge triumphant, or will evil once again rule over Auradon?
The Cover was created by Lady Tatertot.


1. Asking Evie?

Doug's POV:

"C'mon, Doug, you can do it!" Chad said, clapping me on the back. I clenched and unclenched my fists nervously. "No way. I can't, Chad," I replied. He rolled his eyes and pushed me forward. "C'mon man. You know Evie's totally into you." I shook my head. "No, I can't ask her out." Chad glared at me. "You know, you can be really stupid sometimes. Evie deserves someone better than you," he sighed. "Wow. Thanks Chad. I feel ​ so much better," I said. He rolled his eyes and I chuckled. "Sometines I wonder why I stay your friend," he muttered. I gulped and grabbed my lunch tray and walked away. I glanced back at Evie and sighed.

She seemed so happy when she was with the other villains' kids. Especially---I noticed sourly---Carlos. "Hey Doug! Come sit with us!" He said, grinning and waving me over. I sighed and walked over. "You can sit next to Evie," Mal said. I heard Jay and Carlos snicker and saw Mal's scheming smile. I raised an eyebrow, but I sat down. "Hey Doug," Evie said, grinning. My heart skipped a beat and I gulped. "H..hey E...Evie," I stammered. She giggled and smiled at me. I smiled back (obviously. It would've been rude if I hadn't).

I ate my lunch quietly and avoided eye contact with Evie. That ​would be bad. "Hey, aren't you gonna ask her out?" Carlos asked, staring at his plate. He seemed....jealous. Jay snickered and elbowed Carlos. "Dont worry about that. Doug's too afraid to ask," he chuckled. Carlos ignored him, but I saw him perk up a bit. I groaned, putting my head in my hands. "Not you, too," I moaned. The bell rang, signaling the next class. I had band. I went to my locker and grabbed my trumpet. I got to class and sat next to my cousin, Shaun (Grumpy's son). He was scowling, meaning he was in an okay mood. "Hey Doug," he grumbled. I waved half-heartedly and slumped into my chair. "What's wrong this time?" He asked, exasperated. I swallowed. "Evie again," I muttered. He straightened. "Oh. Um...did Chad try to get you to ask her out again?" he asked. I sniffed. "Not just Chad. Mal and Jay, too," I growled. "What about Carlos?" he asked, curious. I sighed. "He's...jealous. I think," I muttered. 

Shaun turned to me a little, his eyes filled with uncertainty. Aw, great. He's going in 'older cousin' mode. I thought. "Look, um...I don't know much about mushy stuff, but I uh....I  do know that Evie really likes you. When you ask her out your choice. Things like this shouldn't be rushed. They should happen at the perfect moment," he said, giving me one of his rare smiles. I smiled back. "Thanks, Shaun." He went back to his music. No problem." I practically skipped out of class when it was over. Shaun hardly ever gave me advice. But when he did, it always worked.

Next class is chemistry. My lab partner is Evie. I shivered when I reached the door. I walked in and sat down next to Evie, who was fixing her hair. I smiled. Typical Evie. "Hey Doug! How was band?" She asked in that airy voice of hers. "Uh, it was um...good. It was good." I said. The teacher gave us all our chemistry problems to work on together. They were easy as pie for me, but Evie had a little trouble on a few. Our elbows touched and I quickly apologized, scooching over a little. "What're you sorry for?" Evie asked, smiling. My stomach churned and I gulped. Evie giggled and gave me a small side hug. I froze.

"Okay, what's the next question?" she asked. I quickly composed myself and we finished the worksheet. When the bell rang, I ran out as fast as I could. "Stupid stupid stupid." I growled hitting my forehead with my palm. I sighed sadly and kept walking. Great. I made myself look like an idiot in front of Evie. Just great.

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