Wake Me Up When September Ends

Zoe and Michael were everyone's favorite couple. When they told the fans that they were dating everyone automatically made them their OTP. They had been dating for about two years when Zoe decided she would surprise Michael on tour. Only Luke and Ashton knew about it. What happens her plane crashes....and no one survives......Will Michael ever find love again? Or will he forever live alone thinking about the girl he wanted to spend his whole life with. Find out in Wake Me Up When September Ends. WARNING I cried while writing some of this so beware! Then again I am a wimp soo.


3. Message Via Starbucks

 I woke up to someone poking my face. I slowly opened my eyes to find a grinning Calum. 

"What the fuck do you want Calum?" he pouted and poked my face again. 

"You said you'd get me Starbucks. I want Starbucks" I nodded and stretched getting out of my bunk. This was the first day I had slept in days and to say i felt good would be an understatement. I changed into a Guns & Roses shirt, black skinny jeans, black converse, and a beanie. I already knew what Calum wanted so as i was about to leave I turned around and yelled to the guys. "Hey, I think I'm going to play in the show tonight," I turned and as i was shutting the bus door i heard all the boys cheer. I walked to the nearest Starbucks which was about five minutes away and as i walked in i saw there was only one other person here, so I walked up and ordered a drink for Calum and me. when i sat down I got a message from Ashton. 

Hey Mikey need to be at soundcheck in ten. Hurry back!!! 

I heard the Starbucks employee call the name Kat, and i saw the other person stand up. She had one of the big hats on with a sweatshirt, jeans, and a big black bag which she pulled a five dollar bill out of. I heard my name being called and i rushed up handing the person a twenty muttering Keep the change I turned around quickly and tried to run out but i immediately collided with someone and i looked up from the ground to see the girl 'Kat' covered in me and  Calum's coffee. "Oh my fucking god I'm so sorry!" I started rambling she just smiled warmly, (haha get it? Cause coffees warm and she smiled warmly? Yeah I'm just going to stop now..) "It's fine I wasn't looking where I was going here let me buy you a new coffee" I shuck my head," No no It's fine." But she was stubborn, so i let her buy my coffee. About four minutes later we had been talking and i found out that her name is Kathrine, but everyone calls her Kat, her favorite color is pastel blue, and she loves animals. I heard Kat's name being called and I looked at her confused and she just winked and got up. She came back with two coffees in hand and said, " I have to go but here are you coffees, it was really nice meeting you Michael" She smiled at me one last time and walked out. I set the coffees down and looked at my phone to see 17 missed calls and 38 new messages. All from the guys. I got up and grabbed the drinks running out of Starbucks. I hailed a cab and sped to the arena, as i ran in all the guys were standing on the stage glaring at me. Well, except for Calum, who grinned and ran up to me grabbing his coffee. "Set the coffee down and get your guitar Michael" Luke said rolling his eyes. Time for plan B. I held up two muffins, " I got you and Ashton muffins!" They both looked and me and smiled grabbing the muffins. I got my guitar and we all started soundcheck. 




*After Soundcheck*  

Once soundcheck was over we had all finished I went to throw away my cup when Ashton stopped me, "Hey Mikey whats that on your cup?" I looked down at the green and white cup seeing something written on the side. 

You seem cool Mikey. Call me sometime, 906-417-3485 - Kat ;) 

I looked up at Ashton with wide eyes. "Oh shit." 









HIIIIIIIII!!!!! So I updated! I'm going to be updating a lot more often I promise! If you haven't yet go read my other book Mistakes! Thanks all my lovely readers!!!

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