Wake Me Up When September Ends

Zoe and Michael were everyone's favorite couple. When they told the fans that they were dating everyone automatically made them their OTP. They had been dating for about two years when Zoe decided she would surprise Michael on tour. Only Luke and Ashton knew about it. What happens her plane crashes....and no one survives......Will Michael ever find love again? Or will he forever live alone thinking about the girl he wanted to spend his whole life with. Find out in Wake Me Up When September Ends. WARNING I cried while writing some of this so beware! Then again I am a wimp soo.


1. Descriptions

Selena Gomez as Zoe Richards

Michael Clifford as Himself

Zoe Sugg as Kathrine or as her friends call her, Kat Smith 


So I'm writing this because I really really really REALLY wanted to so I hope you enjoy it! Love y'all!

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