Sharing two opposites makes you an oddity.

Weather it be school, work or in any everyday situation we are all divided into two separate genders.
These genders have us all leaning towards our future in nature and expectations.
How would we act if we were to share both genders?.


1. proaloge

I never knew what it was that I was meant to do to be normal or to at least to be accepted into an actual group, the only thing I knew was that I was an oddity, something that was not meant to fit in or to be liked.

It was always me, on my own without anyone actually caring or loving me, not even at home. their were people who believed that they loved me but they had always passed over the line into becoming obsessed and possessive.

Their was always that one thing about me that either intrigued or disgusted them: I was a hermaphrodite.

While I knew that their are others who share this oddity and they find a way to either live or hide it, I am unable to.

I have the internal organs of a woman but I have a penis and look feminine but obviously male facial assets. I could of lived my life as a normal young boy if it weren't for the fact that I have two mounds that were quite bigger then most girls my age.

I had tried many attempts at hiding them, in which all had ended up with them being discovered and a long line of abuse to begin.

Over the years of my life so far I had ended up moving to different schools, different houses even to different towns. It was always the same. 

It wasn't just school that my 'difference' effected, my home life had all but been destroyed and was nowhere near how it should of been.

My mother died while giving birth and I was a only child so it was only me and my farther; who I was to call by his name, Jacob.

In the eyes of the law and the outside world he was seen as a very committed single parent, giving up every thing to raise and 'love' me.

His brand of 'love' could only be described as obsessive, he didn't love me as his son, no he loved me as a possession, as a lover even.

He's never once touched me sexually but it was plainly obvious just by his eyes and actions ageist anyone else who had gained an interest in me or had actually generally wanted to befriend me.

He got angry, not at me but of people who he feared would take me away. I was never allowed out except for school and was monitored at home, I was well aware of the cameras he kept hidden in my room and bedroom.

I had practically been forced to grow up in my short fifteen years that I have been alive, to understand what was going on around me and to do my best to avoid it.

I had changed from thirteen different schools so far and was soon going to start my fourteenth, i had continuously denied Jacobs suggestion for home school and he relented each time.

I was to be going into year ten, midyear point and I predict it to be another living hell.




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