Sharing two opposites makes you an oddity.

Weather it be school, work or in any everyday situation we are all divided into two separate genders.
These genders have us all leaning towards our future in nature and expectations.
How would we act if we were to share both genders?.


2. First step is always the hardest

I could hear the insistent tapping of rain drops as I passed from the world of dreams into conciousness.

Groaning I used my arms as leverage to lift my body slightly from my bed as that I could inspect my surroundings. 

Looking around I saw my room was as it was from when I had fallen asleep. My book shelf was by my left wall and packed to the brim with novels and biography's, my closet was to the end of my bed and room opened slightly allowing me a sight of what was to be my new uniform.

This was a recent move and I was going to start school for the third time this year, most likely not the last time thou.

Unlike the other schools I had gone too that allowed you to wear your own cloths this one had a standard uniform, this pleased me because it did not leave Jacob any chances to make me wear anything that he deemed unlikely for me to gain THAT kind of attention.

The uniform was a simple button-up shirt and a blazer with a choice between a skirt and trousers; really, it surprised me that their was a school that allowed guys to wear skirts.

It was kind of a comfort and it got my hopes up that their would be no trouble in this school unlike the other ones so far.

It would be a pity to have to move again as-well, its actually quite a nice area; unknown but nice.

Letting out a sigh I began mentally readying myself for the new day and got up out of bed.

I swung my legs around and onto the floor, my naked feet felling cold on the newly varnished floor boards.

Standing up I went to approach my closet to get changed but was stopped mid-step as a knock was herd on my door.

"Its four passed six in the morning, don't forget to get everything together for your new school," I was greeted with a reminder from Jacob, his voice sounded tired as though he hadn't gotten any sleep yet.

"Thank you Jacob, I will!" I yelled a reply to him and waited until I was sure he had gone away from the door before even attempting to change cloths.

This time I successfully made it to the closet and to my uniform without any interruptions and hurried in getting changed.

While getting changed i neglected to take note on how my chest was expanded a bit more then it was before.

I was already stressed about having to go to a new school, that would only add to it.

After putting the uniform on I nodded to myself and went towards the door with the intention of crossing the hallway and going to the bathroom.

As soon as my hand meet the metal nob it left it, the door flung out in the direction of the hall revealing Jacob's tall frame.

He took a moment to look me over before smiling and raised a hand to place on my head in a loving manner.

"Your lunch is on the kitchen counter," he simply stated before removing his hand and moving to the side to give me room to get to my desired location.

Used to his odd behaviour but having been caught out on this rare occasion I thanked him for the second time that morning and went into the bathroom.

Before i closed the door I looked back at him, curious and annoyed.

He had a good build with hazel eyes accompanied with brown hair that cut off at his shoulders; some would call him handsome, i found this unnerving and dreadful.

Normally he would have a clean shaven face however he had a build up of stubble around his mouth and his hair was quite messy.

"Work late?" I asked him, both generally curious and worried.

After my question he seemed to of dropped a tone of weight off of his shoulders.

He gave me a weary smile and nodded, indicating to the end of the hall that lead into the seating room.

"I had to finish my writing before a deadline set for tomorrow and still not finished," he explained making me feel apologetic.

Jacob had a job as a writer for a busy publishing management industry but due to our constant moving he was often missing deadlines and the industry found it harder to get into contact.

He seemed to sense my worsening mood and came to stand in front of me yet again, his face plastered in a reassuring smile.

"You know I love you, right?" he asked. the question held two meanings and never failed to make me tense at the awkward situation.

"Yes," I quickly gave my reply, forcing myself to look him in the eyes.

"Then you know that I would do anything for you," he said as if proving a point. "Anything,"

Suddenly felling trapped I once again waited for him to leave and retreated fully into the bathroom and shut the door.

I leaned back against the door and let out another sigh, no matter how many years I've lived with him I still cant fell completely comfortable around him.

Giving my head a quick shake I pushed myself away from the door and over to the sink and mirror.

The first thing that caught my sight was my scare, running along a fare amount of my face.

Ugly and very noticeable.





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